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The Nexus of Sustainability and Innovation

A groundbreaking built-for-good platform for real assets, energy transition and investment


Sustainable Ecosystem


Equalbase - Sustainable Real Assets and Data Centers

Equalbase is pioneering eco-friendly architecture and clean energy infrastructure, seamlessly merging modern technology with environmentally conscious design principles. By setting new standards for green living, we are committed to establishing sustainable warehouses and data centers, furthering our dedication to environmental responsibility.


Amboss the framework of Sustainability

At the core of our mission lies an innovative approach to sustainability, where technology, nature, and commerce intertwine to create a brighter future for all. 

Amboss serves as the central platform, connecting diverse entities in a loop of environmental responsibility.


Through the symbiotic relationship between Equalbase and Equalenergie, we harness solar energy to power our buildings and feed surplus energy back into the grid, creating a renewable energy cycle.


Equalithium complements this by advancing battery recycling, enhancing our energy storage solutions to ensure a consistent supply of green power.


Northmod plays a critical role in securing the financial sustainability of our initiatives, managing investments to foster growth and resilience.


Our expertise in providing

intralogistics consultancy services, optimise internal processes for seamless operations and efficiency.


This integrated approach demonstrates how economic growth and environmental preservation can be achieved in tandem, driving us towards a sustainable and prosperous future.


The Heart of a Sustainable Ecosystem

In this harmonious cycle of sustainable development, energy, and recycling, we don't just build structures; we cultivate a sustainable future, where each entity plays a vital role in the symphony of environmental responsibility.

in Touch


Equalenergie - Advancing Energy Transition, Storage
and EV Infrastructure

Equalenergie is at the cutting edge of the green revolution, offering innovative solutions in clean energy transition, efficient storage systems, and accessible EV charging infrastructure to power a sustainable future.


Equalithium - Mobility Battery Recovery Solutions

Equalithium is at the forefront in recycling and refining of electric vehicle and mobility batteries to recover rare materials thus promoting a circular economy.


Northmod - The Financial Architect

Northmod manages the financial aspects of the groups ecosystem, ensuring growth and sustainability. The role of Northmod is pivotal in weaving the financial thread that connects the groups diverse initiatives, enabling the entities to flourish and expand their impact.


Panalogs - Intralogistics Consulting Services

Panalogs develops tailored intralogistics solutions with and for our clients. Panalogs is investing and financing intralogistics projects to drive innovation and efficiency in business operations.

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